Microsoft brings speech recognition to Bing developers

In July of this year, Microsoft made it official that Bing is more than just a search engine. It also is a developer platform, providing coders with controls, development kits, and the back-end services powering these elements.
(Credit: Microsoft)
On October 21, Microsoft added a long-awaited piece to the Bing developer toolbox: a speech recognition control. This new control allows developers to build Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT Metro-Style/Windows Store apps that include speech-recognition as one of their inputs.
Microsoft execs also announced updates to the existing Bing Optical Character Recognition Control and Bing Translator Controls so that they support Windows 8.1.
"If you are a Windows Phone developer, you may

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Google Glass Competitor

Google may not be the only tech giant developing smart glasses.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is testing prototypes for a device similar to Google Glass, which includes a camera and Internet capabilities. Microsoft has reportedly been in contact with Asian manufacturers to supply components for the device, but the Journal's source emphasized that the product may not come to the mass market.

The 89C51 PABX

This project is basically an eight line intercom from which you can call 1 to 8 number. This system also support dialing and receiving telephone calls.

Video Converter All in one

4Videosoft Video Converter Platinum

Product ID: 3122342
Price:31.81 EUR

Vendor Name:4Videosoft Studio
Last Update:24 Apr 2012
Category:Audio & Video

4Videosoft Video Converter Platinum can convert between any video formats including MPG, MPEG, MPEG2, MP4, SWF, FLV, VOB, MOD, M4V, AVI, etc, along with HD videos, like HD TS, HD MPG, HD MPEG, HD MP4, HD AVI, etc and extract audio from these videos.

Digital Image Sensors With CMOS

  Adding vision to your projects needs not be a difficult task. Whether its machine vision for robot control or the sampling and storage of images for security, CMOS images sensors can offer many advantages over traditional CCD sensors. Just some of the technical advantages of CMOS sensors are,

Circuit Falcom FSA03 Smart Antenna with uBlox 5 GPS Chipset

The Falcom FSA03 GPS module is an extremely cost effective GPS solution for embedded systems. Retailing for about $50 USD in small quantities, the FSA03 includes an uBlox 5 single chip GPS module integrated with a Sarantel quadrifilar helix antenna to make a tidy single board solution.
Official documentation from Falcom indicates the FSA03 has an asynchronous 3.3V serial port for communications using NMEA or UBX binary protocols, a time pulse output and reset input. What the official documentation doesn't indicate is that a USB port and external interrupt pin is routed out but recorded as N.C. (not connected) on the documentation.

Article USB in a NutShell Part 5

     Every USB device must respond to setup packets on the default pipe. The setup packets are used for detection and configuration of the device and carry out common functions such as setting the USB device’s address, requesting a device descriptor or checking the status of a endpoint. 

Article USB in a NutShell Part 4

USB Descriptors

Article USB in a NutShell Part 4

Endpoint Types

The Universal Serial Bus specification defines four transfer/endpoint types,

Article USB in a NutShell Part 3

USB Protocols

Unlike RS-232 and similar serial interfaces where the format of data being sent is not defined, USB is made up of several layers of protocols. While this sounds complicated, don’t give up now. Once you understand what is going on, you really only have to worry about the higher level layers. In fact most USB controller I.C.s will take care of the lower layer, thus making it almost invisible to the end designer.
Each USB transaction consists of a

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